OFWs Stand to Benefit the Bank4YOU Mobile Money Remittance
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The Bank4YOU (BFY) token is undoubtedly becoming the currency of the future. The reason is simple- it is fast, reliable, cheaper, and transacts in real time. In these times when inflation is a real nightmare, you have to move your money faster than the banks could change their foreign exchange rates.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) belongs to the sector of the “money-movers”. According to the 2016 National Statistics Authority data, OFWs have reached a staggering number of over 2.2 million scattered all over the world. Now, imagine all these people sending their monthly remittances to their families back in the Philippines. OFWs are not called the “Bagong Bayani” (new heroes) for nothing. Their contribution to the Philippine economy is undeniably keeping the country afloat.


The challenges that OFWs face in sending money to their families are the low exchange rates, exorbitant transfer fees, and oftentimes, delayed transmission. These are some of the reasons why MMR transaction is perfect for the overseas workers.

Using the MMR token, Bank4YOU helps the OFWs in three major points:

  1. Eliminating unreasonable commissions by third parties in trans-border money transactions thereby reducing transfer fees.
  2. One central hub for mobile money transactions for faster processing and real time notification.
  3. Under Bank4YOU MMR, the transactions are efficient, convenient and secured.

The MMR is not the only positive feature under the Bank4YOU Group. They will get a 5% bonus if they purchase BFY using fiat money. They will also get a 2.5% discount if they purchase the MMR token within the system. They will also receive the Bank4U Group Card or Premium Card B4U Group powered by Visa for purchases of 5000 or 15000 respectively. Additionally, they will receive a bonus of 20 BFY for each new member they refer under the BFY Referral Program.

Additionally, All BFY token owners will be eligible for a dividend income in the form of a certain share of profits earned from the marketing of Bank4YOU credit products.

With the advent of a stronger Fintech group like Bank4YOU, customers will no longer suffer the frustrating intricacies of the traditional banking system. The convenience of transacting without leaving the comfort of their homes and the satisfaction in knowing that their hard-earned money will reach their beneficiaries in a matter of minutes are definitely the reasons why OFWs would want to use the MMR token. It is giving the OFWs the power to manage their own money through a mobile interface that is easy to use even if they are not tech-savvy.

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and we have to keep abreast with the changing times. The end of the era of minting fiat money is almost at hand; it cannot be stopped or stalled. The future of the banking system is happening now and it has to adjust to the demands of the financial evolution. The concept of trading using crypto currency is not a futuristic science fiction. It is now happening in the present and will be fully adapted before the turn of the century.


Point of Reference

The MMR token, which underpins its Blockchain system for mobile money transfers inside the system.

MMR token is a token that is designed to be a stable inner currency. All the operations inside the system Bank4YOU use MMR, which is not influenced by the volatility.

The BFY token is ERC20 token, is a crypto currency, which can be bought during the ICO campaign. The BFY token can be purchased on other exchange rates including cryptocurrency exchanges.

BFY token is a Crowdfunding instrument made on Ethereum blockchain.

If you want to participate in Bank4YOU’s Initial Coin Offering and be an invester, just visit https://bank4you.io/ and register. You may also use our referral code: C4UTUW and both of us will get 20 BFY Tokens.