How to buy LoyalCoin (LYL) 2018 Simple Steps with Pictures
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What is LoyalCoin and who’s behind it?

LoyalCoin is a rewards token created by Appsolutely, Inc., a Blockchain, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, and Customer Rewards company based in the Philippines.

LoyalCoin is currently partnered with NEM Foundation (XEM) which helps them with the business side of things. LoyaltyCoin is currently headed by one of the top names in the IT industry in the Philippines and some popular TV personality like Paolo Bediones.


The LoyalPlatform: Where everyone can earn and use loyalty points everytime, everywhere


In the news…


To start, please go to and register. You can purchase tokens later with XEM, ETH, and BTC.

After registration, you will be prompted to verify your email address and you will have you login to your LoyalCoin account and your dashboard will look like this.

The time you deposit your XEM, BTC, or ETH, it will be converted into LYL Tokens in a few hours or maximum 24 hours that will also show in your dashboard.

Minimum Amount:

  • XEM: 300
  • BTC: 0.01
  • ETH: 0.2

You will also need to update your information as you can see on the left side of the screenshot above and you need to enter a working NEM (XEM) Wallet Address.

You can download NEM (XEM) Wallet here:

All your LYL Tokens will be distributed a week after the ICO.

Notice from LoyalCoin: We will only post the TGE address on

Please beware of any direct message, email, or other alerts that claim announcements about LoyalCoin. We will announce further details only through Thanks!