How to buy XRP (Ripple) using Binance (3 Steps with Pictures)
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XRP from Ripple is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency up to date, even surpassing Bitcoin Cash at some point. This simple guide aims to educate and enlighten you on how to buy XRP Coins from


1. Sign up with and deposit money, then convert to Bitcoins (optional).

If you are from the Philippines, first, you will need to sign up at if you haven’t already. This will serve as your wallet for Bitcoin since only accepts Bitcoins for buying.

After signing up, don’t forget to verify your email as well as setup 2-factor verification and the most important, verify your identity with This is important to increase the security and also allows you to buy and sell Bitcoins, or top up.

After you have been verified with, your next step would be is to deposit money to your wallet. There are several ways to top up your account but as for example, we will choose 7Eleven.

After clicking 7Eleven, enter the amount that you wish to deposit.

After entering the amount, click on the Next Step and it will generate a code that you can show to 7Eleven for topping up. After the payment, confirmation is real time and you can then check back your balance.

Once the deposited amount is present in your wallet, on the left side, under All Balances, click on convert and proceed on converting your balance to Bitcoins.

Now that you already have Bitcoins, it’s time to move forward to the next step. Don’t worry, it may seem to be an exhausting process but you’ll get used to it. Trust me.


2. Sign up for a account and start buying XRP (Ripples). is one of the biggest exchange platform good for beginners because you can opt to simplify the UI for the trading platform which you can easily understand.

First is you need to go to and signup, then complete your account.

After signing up, don’t forget to verify your email and when logged in, don’t forget to go to your account profile (encircled in red), and setup Google Authenticator using your phone as well as enable it from Binance. Don’t forget to also verify your account so that you can reach at least Level 1 or Level 2 to be able to trade or purchase without issues.

Once everything is verified, you may know start buying XRP (Ripple) by sending your BTC from to To do that, please look at the pictures carefully.

After clicking Deposits Withdrawals, you will then see all the cryptos available for buy and sell in Binance but just to get BTC, you may type BTC in the search box like below. After that, click on Deposit (colored Yellow).

After you click on Deposit, you will see a BTC address where you can deposit your Bitcoins from

Aaaaand now, let’s go back to your account. Exhausting right? Actually the process is just very easy, what’s exhausting is making all these screenshots. 😀

So, going back to your wallet, you will see this:

You will need to click on Send and then a popup will appear for you to enter the amount you are going to send and the Bitcoin address where to send it. (That’s the Binance BTC address generated earlier from


Then, enter the amount to be sent to and below the audience, you will see the type of Blockchain that will be used, the stricter, the most expensive it gets. Currently, depending on how much you send out, fees ranges from 400PHP above. Now send it…

Notice: Coins will be deposited to Binance immediately after 2 network confirmations. Blockchain link will be provided so that you can track your progress.

3. Once the Bitcoins are now in your account, next thing you are going to do is purchase XRP Ripples.

If you are logged in to, go to Exchange, then Basic. Then look for XRP/BTC on the right side of the screen, or you can click this link

Now you are ready to buy some XRP…


This is the area where you can see people selling XRP, I would suggest purchasing from the lowest price so you have to open Google converter for this and when you are ready to purchase from someone, just click on the price and it will automatically fill out the Buying Form.

You can opt to buy just 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%. That means spending all your BTC to XRP. The form will also suggest how much you can buy with your BTC. If you choose the Market option in buying XRP, Binance will look for a favorable market price for your XRP.

After buying, your XRP will then show in real time under your Funds -> Deposits Withdrawals tabs.



In withdrawing, just click on Withdrawal, the fill out the outgoing address (that’s your public XRP wallet address). Put a check on Not Tag, then enter the amount and submit. will then send you an email to authorize the transfer and after a few minutes, you will now have your XRP in your selected Wallet.


We’re done… 🙂 Goodness!

I hope these simple steps will help you on getting started and if you like it, please share.