There are more than 1000 cryptos in circulation today. In this page we are presenting a complete cryptocurrencies list. All of these cryptos
are quoted on the major world exchanges and ordered by market cap.

Market cap is calculated by multiplying the available supply of tokens on the global market by the token price.

If we analyze all the data shown on this table, in the single columns we can see, from left to right:

  • The crypto order, the first crypto is the highest as market cap
  • The name of the crypt and its symbol
  • The current price, in euros, obtained as many from several exchanges
  • 24 hours The available supply of tokens
  • The market cap
  • A graph of last week quotations
  • 3 action buttons that you can use to get more detailed graph of a coin

Top 100 Cryptocurrencies & Real-time Cryptocurrency Prices

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Rank Name Price Change (24Hr) 24H High 24H Low Volume (24Hr) VVWAP (24Hr) Supply Market Cap Weekly Trade Chart