NTOK: Blockchain Online Education Platform
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Online education platform using Blockchain technology? Why not? How often do you see a startup company who is focused on getting education readily, and easily available both for students and tutors? Not much.

A Russian/US/UK-led startup called NTOK  has tapped the Online Tutoring Market, an industry projected to reach USD 227 Billion By 2022.

NTOK aims to solve one of the biggest problem in the Online Tuturing/Education industry as follows:

  • Most courses are offline with students spending hours traveling to classes.
  • Unbalanced supply of tutors by courses and prices.
  • Middlemen (commercial schools and study centers) charge significant markups.
  • The small percentage of tutors who do already work online are mostly forced to teach via Skype, which is unsuited to educational purposes.
  • Students choose teachers on the basis of unreliable ratings with some ratings being fake.

NTOK is developing a solution called “The NTOK Ecosystem”, which is a decentralized peer-to-peer platform to create a global ecosystem for continuing education where tutors and students can find and interact with each other directly, removing the middlemen.

NTOK currently have a working Alpha site called https://tutor-ninja.com/ focusing on English lessons. The website has about 957 Students enrolled, 98 Tutors, and claims to have help almost 38, 285 lessons overall.

The NTOK platform, once fully operational is planned to provide the following functionalities:

  • Tutor Search and Selection – Students will be able to search using several parameters, for example: by subject, profile, language, price, rating, availability, etc. Students will receive a set of profiles for tutors available to teach the requested subjects for the price and at the times specified as part of the search.
  • Online Schedule for Tutors and Students – Students will be able to see free slots in the teacher’s schedule as well as their own upcoming lessons.
  • Direct Payment to Tutors using Crypto Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain – The students will know that they are paying the tutor directly, without paying a significant markup to a middleman.
  • Interactive Study Area – Participants will enjoy audio and video connection with better quality than Skype, chat, file sharing, interactive whiteboard, and also benefit from an interactive testing system offering unique types of exercises for each subject category.
  • Rating System Based on a Blockchain – Only those students who have attended
    a lesson with a tutor can leave feedback on that tutor. It is technically impossible
    for anyone except the student to create, moderate, or delete any feedback. This guarantees that ratings are based exclusively on real experiences and are as reliable as possible.
  • Video Lessons – Tutors will have the ability to record video lessons (both free and paid) that any student can use. Students will be able to post separate ratings for video lessons. Video lessons will be organized according to the following parameters: subject, profile, language, price/free, number of views, rating.

The NTOK Ecosystem will be fueled by Blockchain using NTOK Tokens for student payments and tutor salaries. 

NTOK Platform Technology and Architecture



The Public Pre-sale is currently live and is accepting orders for the NTOK Tokens. To start buying your tokens you will.

  1. Go to https://tokensale.ntok.io/ and register. After registration, don’t forget to confirm your account by verifying your email address.
  2. Go to your Profile and fill out your name, your ERC-20 Compatible Ethereum Wallet Address, if you don’t have one, please get it from https://www.myetherwallet.com/ and you can generate one for free. It is also advisable to enable the 2-Step Verification using Google Authenticator App.
  3. After all the security measures, it is now time to make a deposit on your account.

4. After making a  deposit, your available balance will show, and it’s is time to buy your first NTOK Tokens.

5. After the purchase, your total NTOK Tokens will be shown in this part of your dashboard.

For more questions or clarifications, please see the links below for the Telegram Support, Whitepaper, and BitcoinTalk.org link.